March 9, 2013

Wall-E, part two.

After the movie, I had them split into groups to answer some discussion questions. The boys were pretty eager to report, but I wouldn’t let them leave until a girl answered as well. We ended up staying 20 minutes after time was up. After that, I polled the class, and the girls wouldn’t even raise their hands.

At that point, when I was beginning to think they legitimately didn’t understand a word I was saying (even though my counterpart makes sure that anyone in Video Club has a good level of English), a group of them came up to me after class and started chattering quite adeptly about how they are struggling in school. I’m not sure they were in the market for the 30-minute speech I gave them about confidence, personal fears, and fulfilling one’s dreams. Let that be a lesson to you, ladies.

Unrelated: Happy birthday, Mom!


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