May 11, 2013

My counterpart insisted that we have the Access Term 4 Closing Ceremonies and the inter-high school Singing/Public Speaking/Drama Competition on the same night.

Me, twice a week for maybe a month leading up to the big day: “Are you sure we won’t run out of time?”
My Counterpart: “No, no, no, it will take one hour for the party and maybe thirty minutes for the competition.”
Me: “How many kids are competing?”
My Counterpart: “I don’t know, but only the best from both schools.”
Me: “Why don’t I make a sign-up sheet and take it to the other school so we can be organized?”

Whenever it comes up, my counterpart balks at the idea of me going anywhere near Zagora’s other high school, and he insisted there would be no need to have kids sign up in advance.

My Counterpart, in front of the enormous audience four hours into the party/competition: “So as to respect everybody, we will stay until every student performs!”



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