June 22, 2013

IMG_3063Lesson of the Day: A video camera in the wrong hands can be a dangerous weapon.

My counterpart was angry at some of the Access kids for being absent yesterday, so just as I was arriving today, he told the kids that I’m going back to America because they “are not serious.” As a result, when I entered the classroom, half the kids started crying. The more I denied that I’m leaving, the more upset they got.

My counterpart whipped out his video camera and had the kids talk about Access, as he is wont to do. All of today’s “evaluation videos” consisted of bawling children apologizing to me and promising to work harder.

As my counterpart was uploading these videos to his computer, he cheerfully informed me that the students have learned their lesson and that I now have “an excellent proof” that the students like me.


4 thoughts on “June 22, 2013

  1. (IMO) That’s the worst way of “learning”…. I think I don’t like your counterpart very much… Keep up! Cheers!

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