November 8, 2013

There’s a kindergarten right near my house. The kids are cute, but I usually try to avoid coming and going when they’re getting out for lunch, because otherwise I find myself surrounded by 35 kids screaming “Bonjour!” in my face and jumping all over me.

This photo was taken about 2 seconds before these boys noticed me, sounded the alarm, and brought all of their classmates down around me in a screaming herd. The kids always want to shake my hand, which gets to be really time consuming, so a while back, I taught them how to fist bump, which they think is hilarious. On this particular day, they all ran towards me, screaming, with their little fists outstretched, and one of my neighbors, misreading the situation, screamed at them, “DON’T HIT HER!”

Thanks for having my back, bro, but get with the times.


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