What Fell Through the Cracks

I’m fortunate enough to have been able to capture a lot on film while I’ve been here, but there’s so much I haven’t been able to show you.


the way my friends light up and shout my name when I come over

the desert sky by night

how much my stoic little host brother missed me when I was gone, and how hard he laughed when I chased him around like a zombie when we were both supposed to be sleeping

the ridiculous text messages I receive from students

the street harassment and scary moments

the time a cat jumped at me from a dumpster when I was throwing out my trash, and I screamed

the many times random people have asked me to stay here and get married, and have then proceeded to plan my imaginary wedding without me

the post-couscous food comas

the excitement of a particular family when I show them the same 3 videos every time I go over their house

my students’ enthusiasm to lead projects

the way the taxi drivers always back up down the street to pick me up when they spot me

the strange looks I get every time I try to rescue an animal

the way people speculate fiercely about my origins every time I go to souk

the swarm of little kids I taught how to fist bump

the packs of dogs that roam the town at night, howling like wolves

the way my baby host brother laughs at my sunglasses

the sheer amount of sand that collects in my apartment every day, no matter what

taxis packed with 8 people, including the driver

the many times I’ve been locked into or out of a room (too many to count)

old men holding hands as they stroll around

all of the women who have embraced me like a sister

the innumerable amount of kids who find me weird, scary, funny, funny-looking

the way I am force-fed at people’s houses and then am shouted at for eating “nothing”


And so much more. So come visit, and see for yourself!


One thought on “What Fell Through the Cracks

  1. That’s the beauty of living abroad, double points if it’s a culture very different from yours… Good for you Bonnie!

    If you have a semi-pro camera (or at least can access one for a night) you should try to photograph the desert sky, a star-dome like the one you should see every night should not be hidden from us… just saying!

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