A Lesson in Communication

Sometimes, phrases in Arabic are most easily remembered because they sound a lot like English phrases. For example, you can easily say “What time is it?” (or “Sh-H-al daba f sa-AA?”) if you can say, “Shia LaBeouf sa-AA?” or “Can I help you?” if you can say “Wash an owl neck?”

Buuuut, the only thing you really need to know in Moroccan Arabic is the following list of words, which require no introduction. Pronounce them phonetically, without vowels unless written, and let me know how many times you giggle.

klit (I ate)

knt (I was)

dik (that)

fkkr (to think)

l-fakr (poverty)

l-fkain (a poor person)

fakkt (I woke up)

fuk-ma (whenever)

m-shat (she went)

n-doosh (shower)

hoor (other)

kok (artichoke)

mor-fak (elbow)

peniz (nail)

Once again, always here to make you proud, folks.


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